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Pilates for Men

Men can benefit from Pilates just as much as women. Pilates offers huge benefits for men interested in fitness, especially in regards to gains in functional strength, flexibility, core strength and coordination. Pilates concentrates on moving from the center of the body and developing core strength in the deep muscles of the center to stabilise the trunk and protect the back. This kind of core training makes Pilates an excellent technique for whole-body fitness, as well as a foundation for cross training with other kinds of sports and exercise.

I hear so often from men that their backs are sore from work. Either because they sit for large amounts of hours in the day. Or because they do heavy manual labour work.

Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise to help alleviate back pain for men. Strengthening the deep stabilising muscles of the body, stretching out tight sore muscles and strenghtening weaker muscles will balance the body. Making you feel fitter and stronger.

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