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Pilates Myths

A lot of people still are unsure about Pilates and why it is a good form of exercise.

I hear a lot of people who have never given Pilates a try tell me that it is exactly like Yoga. I have done Yoga so I know what Pilates is like. Or Pilates is just a bunch of women laying on mats waving their hands around not really my thing.

Here are some Myths about Pilates

1. Pilates is the Same as Yoga

This one really annoys me. Pilates is not exactly like Yoga. If it was we would just call it Yoga wouldn't we?

Pilates is not a derivative of yoga. It was developed by Joseph Pilates who studied many fitness and body/mind disciplines, and may have been exposed to yoga. While Pilates and yoga are very complimentary practices, they are also very different.

2. Pilates is just for Women

Pilates has never been "just for women" and its benefits are certainly not gender biased. After all, Pilates was developed by a man, Joseph Pilates, who is said to have been a rather macho man at that. Joe was a gymnast, a boxer, and a military trainer in his early years, and pictures of Pilates even into his eighties, reveal a very strong, fit physique.

It is true that Pilates is very popular with women, but there is nothing about Pilates that makes it more for women than for men. The adaptability of the Pilates method to different levels of fitness and body types has made Pilates an accessible and effective fitness choice for women.

Men can benefit from Pilates just as much as women. Pilates offers huge benefits for men interested in fitness, especially in regards to gains in functional strength, flexibility, core strength and coordination.

3. Pilates is just all stretching and is so Easy

Yes, of course with most exercises there will be stretching. However you do not stretch the whole time you are in a session. There are also different levels. Pilates can be easily adaptable so you can work easier or harder depending on the individuals needs.

Pilates done correctly can be extremely challenging for even the fittest athletes. Hence why it is so popular amongst them.

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