• Kelly Montagnoli

Pilates For Pregnancy

Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise for women while they are pregnant. Pregnancy is a very special time and all women's bodies will go through rapid changes.

Normal mat classes are not suitable for pregnant women from 13 weeks onwards.

All my Pregnancy Pilates classes are held as private sessions to make sure it is specifically targeted to the pregnant mothers individual needs.

The sessions are done mainly on the Reformer as this is a perfect piece of exercise equipment to use safely whilst being pregnant.

It is very important that specific pregnancy exercises are conducted once becoming pregnant to avoid any problems.

13 weeks pregnant to birth of baby

  • I avoid Abdominal exercises- flexion of the spine as this can cause a separation in the abdominal muscles (Diastasis recti).

  • I avoid Inner Thigh work. The adductor muscles are attached to the pubic bone. Inner thigh work can cause pain and inflammation in this area. Making the pregnant women very uncomfortable.

  • I avoid lying pregnant women on their stomach. As the baby grows this becomes very uncomfortable.

  • I avoid lying pregnant women on their backs. The babies weight pushing on the mothers organs can make them very dizzy and they can loss breathe and faint.

If you are interested in doing private Pilates sessions pre or post pregnancy please email me. Sessions can be held either for 1/2hr or 1 hr Private.

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