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Vibration Training- Vertex

Have you ever wondered what the weird machine is and what on earth it does in the Pilates Studio?

It is a FreeMotion Vertex vibration machine.

I have had this machine for over 3 years and it has been one of my favourite pieces of equipment to train on. I have always wanted to get certified to use this in the studio and now I have recently completed my Certified Power Plate Trainer certificate and now I am able to use this in the studio.

What is the FreeMotion Vertex?

Engineered to activate the body's natural reflexive response to vibration, Freemotion Vertex vibrating platform moves 30 to 50 times per second to engage muscles in a consistent, and controlled manner. (The vibrations move in three directions: up/down, forwards/backwards, and side-to-side.) As a result, it is able to accelerate training with high performance results, enabling anyone seeking greater fitness levels to achieve their maximum physical potential faster and more efficiently.

Benefits in using the FreeMotion Vertex?

The exercise is done using a platform that vibrates in three-dimensions, or three planes: vertical, horizontal and sagittal (front to back).

The vibrations force your muscles to accommodate, resulting in dramatic improvement in strength, power, flexibility, balance, tone and leanness.

Other health benefits of whole body vibration training include:

  • Increased weight loss

  • Increased circulation

  • Increased lymphatic drainage

  • Cellulite reduction

  • Increased hormone secretion: IGF-1, testosterone, and HGH (human growth hormone)

Perhaps the biggest non-health related benefit of using vibration plates is the fact that they can cut workout times in half. The vibrations that these machines generate cause anywhere from 30 to 50 muscle reflexes per second. As a result, vibration training can recruit up to 100% of your muscles’ fibers. This is in contrast to traditional resistance training exercises that engage only 40% to 60% of your muscles’ capacity.

Ultimately, vibration plates intensify workouts so that you can get more done in less time during your strength training sessions. Some manufacturers claim that a 10-minute session on their machines can deliver the same intensity as an hour of conventional exercise. While this may be true, it will depend on the frequency and amplitude that one chooses to work with while exercising on a vibration plate. For the best possible results, most fitness experts recommend at least a 15 to 30 minute session of vibration training three to four times a week.

If you are interested in giving this machine a try please email me and we can arrange a suitable time.

I am running a special

30 minute Vertex- $25

Valid til the 29th Feb 2016

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