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Mean Green Juice

I have recently become friends with Juicing. Yep you read right Juicing!!!!

I think I am a little late on this craze.

I have never been a fan of Green Juices. I never even thought I would ever purchase one. Not becuase I tried one and didn't like it. I just told myself I wouldn't so never even bothered trying one. Silly right?

I recently watched this really inspiring Movie on Presto's a few weeks ago called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. A great film by Joe Cross who was really over weight and sick. Then he lost a tonne of weight and came off all his medication by going on a Juice cleanse. He maintained his healthy weight after the Juice clease by mainly eating a plant base diet. Joe Cross went all around the world helping people regain their lives back with Juicing. It really worked and the results were fast.

The movie really got me thinking. I really did not eat enough veggies. I ate veggies daily but not the amount I knew I should. I had to give juicing ago. I want myself and my family members to be the healthiest they can be. Therefore, I purchased myself a cold press juicer and my juicing journey begun. You can read about the benefits of a Cold press Juicer here

The benefits of Juicing are enormous. For me I am doing it for persoanl health reasons, However surprisingly my biggest benefit is that my son loves it. Every single day he makes his own Green Juice and has it either before or after school. He is so proud of his creations he drinks every single bit of it. This is a boy who really does not like veggies and I personally struggle daily with dinner for him to eat all his vegtables up. So for me this is the best investment in health for my family.

We are not on a juice cleanse. However, we are all consuming lots of juices daily. Mainly veggies with a little bit of fruit for flavour. I am enjoying the juices and I am finding a great over all benefit from them.

I encourage anyone out there interested to give it ago. You might just love it!

If you want to find out more about Juicing and Juicing Vs Blending take a look at Joe Cross' page. He explains it very well.

Reboot with Joe Cross

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