• Kelly Montagnoli

What Pilates Means to Me

Ever since I can remember I have suffered with chronic back, knee and ankle pain. Starting probably around 5yrs old. Every single exercise I tried to do whilst I was younger made me feel horrible. My ankles and knee's would swell and I would suffer with horrible back pain afterwards. My poor body mechanics were largely to blame- hypermobile body and flat feet. I remember walking to school each day thinking my ankles would break and felt my back aching daily. This was not what I wanted. I wanted a life with no pain. I regularly saw a physiotherapist who warned me when I was in my Teen's to do something about my pain or I would definitely end up with two knee replacements before 30!

I started regularly practicing Pilates in my early 20's after the recommendations from my physiotherapist. I

could not believe that I found an exercise that made my body better not worse. After the birth of my first child I got back into Pilates and started to notice a significant benefit to my body post pregnancy.

After several years of having my first child I wanted to learn more about Pilates. My intention was to learn more for my body and not to change careers. However life has it's own way of falling into place and I am so grateful that I found Pilates and I found the love of instructing and helping others feel better, fitter and stronger.

Pilates makes me feel






Pilates has helped me with my

Back Pain

Knee Pain

Ankle Pain

Closed my Abdominal Separation (3 1/2 finger separation) after the birth of my first son

SIJ pain

Hip and Shoulder Bursitis

Pubis Symphsis during and after pregnancy

Gain so much strength in my stabilising muscles to help me with my hypermobility

Plantar fasciitis

When I look back at the list of what Pilates has helped improve I am so grateful Pilates has changed my life. I can not live without Pilates now. I have come so far. I am not perfect and I am not the strongest person you will ever meet. I struggle gaining muscle tone and find most exercises very challenging. However considering all the ailments I have had to deal with I am the strongest I have ever been. I no longer suffer from all the chronic pain I have had for many years.

If you have not given Pilates a try I highly recommend you try it out. It might just change your life as it did to mine.

Oh, I never did get those knee replacements I was warned about. No knee pain anymore :)

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