• Kelly Montagnoli

Trigger Point Therapy- Glutes

Performing trigger point therapy on tight Glute muscles is a great way to relieve tight sore muscles at home.

If your Glutes are tight it can cause pain in your pelvis and lower back. If you have weak buttock muscles they will need to be strengthened. However, because they are weak when they are exercised they can become quiet tight and will need to be released.

The biggest complaint I hear at the Studio is lower back pain. Since we do a lot of buttock exercises to get the stabilising bottom muscles nice and strong it is a really good idea to perform the trigger point therapy at home when ever you feel tension through your lower back.


You will need to have a tennis ball or a spiky ball.


Tennis Ball/spiky ball Under the Glutes

The gluteus maximus muscle helps control rotation of the leg and the hip socket. Using a tennis ball/spiky ball to release and rejuvenate this muscle (and the other smaller hip rotators muscles of this area) will enable the leg to rotate more freely in the hip socket.

Lie on the floor with the knees bent; place a tennis ball/spiky ball under one side of the glutes. You will need to move around on the tennis ball to find a sore spot, stay there for 10 to 20 seconds as the tension releases, and then move to a new spot. Perform at least once a day for about two to three minutes on each side.

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