• Kelly Montagnoli

Ways to make wrists Stronger

In the studio I hear a lot of people stating that their wrist are sore during Pilates. It is never a good idea to exercise through your pain. Whenever your wrists are sore it is always best to change positions so you are not aggravating your pain. Eg: If you are in a plank position on the plam of your hands change to plank on your elbows.

However there are simple exercises that can be done daily to make your wrist stronger.

What will I need?

A Tennis ball or stress ball

How do I perform the exercises?

Take a stress ball or tennis ball and grip it in your palm as firmly as possible with your fingers. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat about 10 times. Switch hands. There are a few variations you could do with a ball squeeze. Please see images below.

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