• Progressive Pilates

Accelerated Training- In Action

Name: Joe

Age: 61

Occupation: Recently retired, before retirement was a Plant Mechanic in a construction company for a very long time.

Reason for starting up Pilates?

Aches and pains all over, stiffness in joints, tightness in muscles. Lower back pain, knee pain.

How do you feel after a 1/2hr Session on the FreeMotion Vertex Vibration machine?

Overall my body is much more flexible. In the beginning of the session I can not touch my toes in a roll down stretch and I feel stiff and sore. After 1/2hr on the machine I can not only touch my toes I can actually even touch the floor. The massage helps alleviate a lot of my aches and pains and I feel really awaken after a session.

What has been the best health outcome for you since you started using the vibration training?

There has been many. With a twice a week work out I have lost weight, gained strength and flexibility. My circulation has improved. It has helped me sleep better at night. It has improved my skin and I feel much healthier.

Would you recommend this type of workout to other men your age?

I would highly recommend this workout to anyone who is serious about their health. If you have aches and pains don't just put up with it and be miserable. Start up Pilates and you will feel the difference and self awareness in your body in a very short period of time.

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