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Cupping Therapy In Action

In the below videos I will demonstrate a few examples of Cupping Therapy. Cupping can be used for all sorts of pain throughout the body. I will demonstrate Glass Bell Cupping for Neck, upper back and shoulder pain. Bell Cups and Glass Flame Cups for Shin Pain.

Remember pain does not discriminate. Pain can affect the young and old. I hear too many times that only older people suffer pain. This is definitely not true. Pain can occur for many reasons. Due to poor body mechanics/accident/sports injury etc...


Gender: Male

Age: 8 years old


Feeling very tight in neck, upper back and shoulders. To raise arm to ask a question at school causes pain.

Feels always sore in his Anterior shin. Dislikes running as it hurts his shins. Causes a burning sensation.


Feet pronate (Flat feet no arch in both feet). Has weak buttock muscles (Gluteus Medius and Minimus)

Tension in Neck, upper back, shoulder and shin. Sore to raise arms and sore to touch anterior shin.

Reasons why pain has arisen?

There could be a few reasons for neck, upper back and shoulder pain. 8 year old attends school 5 days a week and sits at a desk for long periods of time. This can cause neck and upper back pain. He also plays the drums 7 days a week and practices for a minimum 30 minutes per day. This can also cause pain in neck, upper back and shoulders. The boy also does lots of swimming which can cause tightness in these muscles

His flat feet would be contributing to increase stress on his lower leg muscles during exercise. He runs at school and rides his skateboard daily. All these activities would place a lot of stress causing inflammation in his anterior shin from his flat feet.

Action Plan:

PILATES: Weak Buttock muscles. Gluteus Medius and Minimus need to be worked on in Pilates mat side lying exercise and on Pilates Reformer.

Tension in Neck, upper back, shoulder and shin need to be released with Cupping Therapy. Also ITB need to be released with Cupping.

In the below video all of the below points are being done through Cupping Therapy

  • Releasing Tension through neck, upper back, shoulders and Shin.

  • Relieving Inflammation

  • Loosening and releasing adhesion (Could feel a lot of grizzle around shoulder)

  • Improving Circulation to reduce inflammation

  • The suction created by cupping pulls stagnant inter cellular fluid to the surface, removes toxic debris and replaces it with fresh oxygenated, nutrient rich fluid.

  • After treatment Sha markings was left of skin surface (neck, upper back and shoulders) and skin was very hot to touch. Treatment caused no pain to the 8 year old. Movement of child's arm through video is of the child playing with his fidget spinner whilst getting treatment done.

  • Markings will only be displayed on skin surface if there is pathogens and other unwanted factors that need to be drawn to the surface. Markings will begin to fade in 24 hrs and will be gone within a week.


Bell Cups- Neck, Upper Back and Shoulders

Glass Flame Cups- Anterior Shin

Bell Cups- Anterior Shin

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