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Gua Sha- Ancient Therapeutic Practice

I had the absolute privilege of attending another course run by Bruce Bentley from Health Traditions. This time it was on Gua Sha. It was fantastic.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancient therapeutic practice which translates to “Scraping Sha”. Sha is the red spots on the skin that is shown in the attached photo. Sha is blocked blood and heat in the body. Which leads to pain and restricted movement. When it is drawn to the surface it displays the affected area as red spots.


Gender: Female

Age: Early 30's

Occupation: Nurse

Reaason for treatment: Feeling very sore and tight in neck and shoulders due to work

Examination before treatment: Flexion of neck, extension of neck and lateral flexion of the neck left and right. It caused pain and restriction.

Examination after treatment: Performed all the same movements before treatment and there was no pain and she said she felt free in her neck for the first time. Sha marks only came up where she felt pain. I worked on all her back, however she only marked where she was sore. Sha will only be drawn to the surface if there is congestion of blood/heat which is the cause of pain.

The Sha markings may look painful however this treatment caused the patient no pain. The instrument I used is also displayed in the attached photo. It is made from a slice of Buffalo horn. Buffalo horn is very cooling and helps remove heat from the body.

I also want to add that she has had in the past two cupping treatments for her neck/shoulders and cupping marks were drawn to the surface. However, not until I performed Gua Sha on her neck and shoulders did any Sha marks come to the surface.

The cupping provided relief each time it was performed. Once the Gua Sha was used it has now removed all the built up heat and Sha and it has worked wonders. Gua Sha and cupping treatment together provide a fantastic treatment for relieving tension and stiffness to sore tight muscles in the body.

The Sha marks will disappear within a few days.

If you are interested in receiving a treatment click on below link


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