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Reminder Emails

Do you check your reminder emails or just press DELETE????

Your reminder email is very important as it not only reminds you 24hrs before your appointment what you are booked into and what time it is for. It also provides a very quick link for other valuable information.

You click on View Appointment details link and it will take you to a web page where you can reschedule/cancel or view past and upcoming appointments.

If you have not already registered for an account you can do this here as well. It is recommended that you register for an account so you can view all upcoming/past appointments. Without registering for an account you can only view the appointment that is attached to your email reminder.

Please remember that I need a minimum of 6 hours notice to cancel/reschedule your appointments.

If you are cancelling/rescheduling before 6 hours notice you can do this all yourself by following the below screenshots.

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