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Headaches, Sore Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back

With the fast past world we now live in nearly everyone is suffering from headaches, sore tense necks and tight stiff shoulders. We live in a world that has way more technology being used daily, more stress at school, workplaces and home. We all tend to hold our stress in our upper part of our body causing massive tension on our face, neck and shoulders. Which then leads to pain and stiffness and headaches.

Ways of reducing stress and tension in your daily life:

  • Try and find some me time during the day

  • Do something you enjoy once a day

  • When stressed remember to breathe- take deep breaths

  • Live simply

  • Focus on what you can control

  • Ask for a hug

  • Smile

  • Go for a walk

  • Talk about it

  • Dance it out

  • Exercise

Treatment for Headaches, Sore Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back

Try a 45 minute Facial rejuvenation, neck and shoulder treatment at the studio

Yes that is correct- you can actually cup your face. Don't freak out as they are specially designed cups that do not leave any cup marks on your face. They are not left stationary, they are gently glided on your face. Giving your a mini facial whilst releasing built up tension.

Benefits for Facial Cupping

  • Activates the flow of energy and blood to regulate the meridians that relate to the face

  • restore health to the body, which mirror the face

  • Removes puffiness and swelling

  • Eliminates wind, cold and heat (redness), which interfere with the integrity of the tissues

  • Moves blood stagnation and revitalises blood to the tissues to nourish skin, an thereby reducing wrinkles and discolourations

  • Alleviate pain and irritation

  • Reduction of acne and pimples- eliminating toxins and inflammation

  • Improvement in the texture and feel of the skin

Benefits for Cupping Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back

Cupping to the neck, shoulders and upper back drags out acute and chronic injury syndromes. As the cups are glided along neck and shoulders. It will give you much needed relief from tense sore muscles. It will allow for better range of movement with out restriction and pain.

  • Stretches and unwinds fascia at the superficial and deep levels

  • Removes small adhesions that allow for more range of movement in tissues

  • Stimulates the local nervous system, causing an increase of endorphins and a decrease of pain

  • Loosens and releases adhesion

  • Relaxes the nervous system

  • Draws an increase of blood supply to the treated site.

  • Breaks up and expels congestion and toxins

  • Moves and drains excess fluids

  • Stretches and releases all types of muscles and soft tissues.

  • Provides deep tissue massage without discomfort

  • Strengthens the immune system by promoting the flow of the lymphatic fluid

  • Improves circulation to reduce inflammation

All my cupping treatment is very involved. I do not just stick on cups and walk away. I provide a very in depth deep tissue massage with the cups. They are gently glided over the problematic areas of the body.

Once I have stretched out and unwound the fascia I work on breaking up any adhesions

I then leave the cups stationary for a short period of time. This is a very small part of the treatment.

I know a lot of people who would truly benefit from this type of treatment.

I know it looks scary. It really isn't and I honestly could not live without this treatment on my body.

I treat myself often after long weeks of work.

You will honestly be amazed how wonderful you will feel after this treatment. People report feeling less tense and more range of movement immediately after treatment.

If you are suffering or know someone else that is suffering from headaches/neck/shoulder/upper back tension consider giving this a try.

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