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Transverse Abdominis- Where is it?

Here is a nice detailed drawing that shows you how deep the Transverse abdominis muscle is situated in your body.

The Transverse abdominis is the deep muscles underneath your Rectus abdominis (6 packs muscles) that wrap around your spine and acts like a corset.

Your Transverse abdominis job is to stabilise the back and pelvis before movement.

This is the muscle we use in every single movement in Pilates. This muscles forms part of your T-zone along with your pelvic floor muscle.

As you can see clearly from this diagram you have your External Obliques, your 6 pack muscles- Rectus abdominis, Internal obliques and then underneath all of that is your Transverse abdominis that wraps around your spine.

This is a fantastic picture if you are more of a visual person.

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