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Live Pilates Group Mat Classes- Progressive Pilates Yattalunga

Thank you for all your feedback in regards to when you could join in for Live Zoom Pilates Mat Classes.

I have decided to run them weekly at 6:30pm every Monday starting 27th April.

They will be $10 per household per session and anyone from your home can join in with the session using the same device. This is a discounted price from $18 per person studio classes. I hope that you understand that I need to still charge a small fee to cover the cost of my scheduling system and my website. Even though I can no longer work in the studio I still need to keep paying for these business services.

You will need to book in each week using the scheduler at eh bottom of this page.

I know that the Pilates Live sessions will feel really different and will not be the same as coming into the studio. However it is the best alternative we have as group exercise is more likely to be one of the last restrictions to be lifted according to the news.

I feel it is important to keep active and to still have a set time and day booked in each week to keep us all committed and focused on our physical fitness. If you know others that would love a Pilates mat workout please share this website with them so they can book in as well.

Please work at your own level and I will still continue to give options if you would like to challenge yourself more or less. I am hear to support you all. I know it may feel scary if you have never used Zoom before. Please contact me if you want to join but need to test out your zoom first if you have never used it before. I am more than happy to help you out. We can test out the link a day or two before the session to make sure it is all working fine so it is smooth sailing for the session.

You will need your device, internet connection, your Pilates mat and a comfortable area to work in your house. You will not need any Pilates equipment only your mat. Please note that 6:30pm is now dark. So you will need a room that has good lighting in it. I have been testing it out and it is much clearer to see if you have a great lighting in the evening.

Once you have booked into a session you will be automatically sent an email with instructions. It will have the link to the zoom session. Please click on the link at 6:30pm on Monday and wait for me to join you into the session. Please allow video and audio when you join the session.

You will need to sign into your Zoom Account. If you do not have one it is FREE to sign up and use.

You can use zoom on a Tablet eg: iPad, laptop or computer.

Tablets- Download Zoom on your App store

Link for: Laptop or computer

Please find a space in your house to place your mat and your device down.

Have fun, work at your own pace and enjoy yourself. No one is judging you. We are all in the same boat and are in this together.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon :)

NOTE: Pilates Mat classes are for fit and able bodies with no major injuries/conditions or pregnancy.

Participants need to get up and down from the mat so if you can do this easily with no pain this will work for you.

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