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Pilates Mat Classes online via ZOOM

Progressive Pilates Yattalunga in the Central Coast of Australia is now offering LIVE 1hr online group Pilates mat sessions. With our busy lifestyle it can be challenging to find time for ourselves. Live online lessons are a great way to fit in some “self-care” from the comfort of your own home while we are dealing with Covid 19. No need to worry about travel time, weather disruptions, or finding child care. Online lessons allow you to fit movement back into your life!



Step 1: Set up your space

Grab a mat.

Find a quiet location, & turn up the lights. Lighting will make it easier for me to see you

Please place your computer, smartphone, or tablet far enough away that I can see your whole body. Please ensure it is on a stable surface.

Step 2: Set up your technology

I will be using zoom video conferencing for our live Pilates sessions.

Be sure to download the plugin (on your computer) or the app (smartphone or tablet) prior to our first lesson.

After you book your appointment you will receive an email with a link to your call.

Five minutes before your lesson begins simple click on the link to enter the live session.

Ensure your computer, smartphone, or tablet is charged or plugged into a power source prior to the lesson.

Step 3: Set up your body

Wear something comfortable. You want clothing that is easy to move in.


If you are having trouble accessing your zoom session please try the following:

  1. Plug your computer into a power source if your battery is running low

  2. If using WiFi, make sure other in-home devices are shut off – if someone else is streaming videos during your call this might affect your experience.

  3. Shut down all other programs, downloads or streaming on your computer

  4. Place your laptop as close to the wireless router as possible or plug your computer directly into an ethernet cable rather than using WiFi

  5. Restart your computer, smartphone, or tablet

Additional Tips

  1. Computer: When you get your Zoom link from your instructor, simply click the link 5 minutes before session starts

  2. After our initial greeting I will ask if everyone can mute their audio so while the class is being conducted you will only hear my audio

Here are the screens you will see when you are getting ready to start your ZOOM session.

On each screen you will need to click to continue to the next page.

Step 1: Open Email and click on the booking link

Step 2: Click on the Link underneath the Join Meeting

Step 3: Click on OPEN to open in Zoom

Step 4: Click on Join with Video

Step 5: To hear others please join Audio Click on Call using Internet Audio

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