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Video- Home Stretching & Pilates Exercise that can be done daily

Well, it has definitely been a very interesting week. To say the least. I hope that everyone is keeping well.

I know that many people have lost job's from the Coronavirus. Everybody has been affected in different ways. Some now are working from home full time with all their children home too learning. It is honestly a very hard and devastating situation. I hope that we will all bounce back very soon from all of this. The simple things like visiting family and friends will not be taken for granted anymore.

To be honest my head has been all over the shop this week.

I have had both my children off school from Tuesday this week. It has really made me realise how much they miss me. I am away from my children 4 night's weekly and every second Saturday for work. They are on their school bus by 8:06am and return home just before 5pm. I pretty much go to work when they return home. Working during the day and evenings is very hard when you have a family. I really need to focus all my attention on my children while I am shut. I really think we all need this.

I know that I can do live virtual classes. However for now I will just send out blog post with small video's on daily stretches and home exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home with some basic equipment from your house eg: chairs, water bottles, towels etc..

If this pandemic last for quite a while I will re asses the online live classes :)

Please email me, text or call if you feel like a chat as I am here and I feel if we all support each other we can get through this stronger than ever. If you have not already please follow my Facebook page and my Instagram page. I will be posting up the videos and some other Pilates inspiration while I am closed. The more you like and comment the more you will see my posts :).

Please try to move and stretch daily. It is so important for our physical and mental health. Pilates can be performed daily. So you do not have to worry that you are doing any damage. Please let me know how you go with the stretches/workouts. I would love to know how you went.

Stay safe and keep healthy and active :)

The video below displays four different stretches for your hamstrings, hips and bottom muscles using a towel. I encourage you to do these particular stretches daily. Especially if you experience lower back and hip pain.

The below video displays stretches you can perform standing using a towel. There are movements to stretch out the spine in flexion, lateral flexion and rotation and to open up the chest. I encourage you to do these particular stretches daily to keep your spine healthy and mobile.

The below video is a great workout video that focuses on core, arms and bottom muscles. I am trying to be as creative as possible as I know that you will be very limited to the equipment you can use at home. This workout uses a chair.

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