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What is a Pilates Body?

The expectation that every Pilates teacher has a flat stomach, slim thighs, ballerina-like posture, and be perfectly toned but not overly muscular is missing the purpose of Pilates.

The expectation that Pilates is only for fit young flexible people is ridiculous as well. You do not need to look a certain way, dress in designed gym wear, or be at a certain level to begin your Pilates journey. You can't improve without starting right?

“Joseph Pilates defined his Method as “the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit” and throughout his book, “Return to Life Through Contrology” he prioritised optimal physical and mental function for a long and pleasurable life.

We put far too much emphasis on “looking good” vs feeling good.”

I personally get upset when I go onto social media and I mostly see young extremely fit people doing an extremely challenging Pilates routine. It is great for the person posting the video but hardly inspiring for the average person looking at starting their Pilates journey. It is pretty daunting as people watching believe that is what is expected of them in a Pilates session.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the cute social media posts that read 'How to have a Pilates Body?' followed by 'Have a Body. Do Pilates.' It translates to -- Pilates is for EVERYbody

Why do we even need posts like these?

If Pilates is about mind, body, and spirit, why are we so focused on how we will look not how it will make you feel after a session.

I am so proud that my studio has all walks of life that practice Pilates weekly. Regardless of age, gender, size after a session, I always ask how does your body now feel?

Let's focus our energy on feeling good rather than looking a certain way.

To me having a Pilates Body means being able to be physically and mentally strong enough to keep up with my active children daily. Being able to participate in all their enjoyable activities with a pain-free body. Am I nailing it? Yes, some days and no on others. I am a work in progress. The more I do Pilates the better I feel though. Am I long and lean? I am 154cm so I guess not! Am I ok with that? Yes, I am!

Let's celebrate our unique bodies and learn to be confident and happy in our own beautiful skin.

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