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Why is it important to Exercise in Colder weather?

I am sure we have all felt the mornings and evenings temperature drop over the past few weeks. It is a really important time now to remind ourselves why it is more important than ever to keep active in the colder months.

There’s no doubt that cold weather affects the body in a different ways. Colder muscles are also more naturally tight. That’s why we warm them up before we exercise.

With less sunlight, we have less exposure to vitamin D during the colder months. This can impact the joints.

Winter Is Hard on the Body

Cold weather places physiological stresses on the body. The good news is, the healthier and more fit you are, the more easily you’ll be able to cope with these stresses. So cooler weather is an ideal time to allow your body to stretch and open in a mindful manner.

The movements in Pilates are highly effective in keeping the muscles and joints supple and stretched during these colder months.

The Good News about Cold Weather

The best thing you can do is to keep moving – even though this may seem absurd if you’re already experiencing pain and stiffness.

Always engage in proper warm-up and stretching to keep the body limber and prevent stiffness from turning into an injury. And it’s crucial to engage in a level of exercise that’s appropriate for you.

Controlled movements like those done in Pilates will safely ease stiffness, strengthen muscles, improve circulation, decrease strain on joints, help maintain bone density, improve sleep, and boost mood. All of these lead to reduced pain.

Yes it is hard to keep more active in the cooler months, however the benefits your body will feel afterwards is well worth it. Remember your body deserves movement and deserves to feel the best it can be.

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