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Zoom Pilates Group Mat Classes

As you all know I am running Zoom Pilates Group mat classes twice weekly

6:30pm- Monday nights

9:30am- Friday mornings


Thank you for all your support. I feel that they are going really well and I hope that you are enjoying them as much as I do instructing them.

I am going to start using some equipment that we can find at home. Chairs, tin cans as weights and I know most have exercise bands. So please let me know if this will be a concern. I ran this mornings mat class this way and it was really great to add variety to the workout. If you have some time please email me what equipment you have at home as well.

This is the 9th week the studio has been closed for. I know that a lot of people are asking me when I will reopen. I actually don't know. I am not allowed to open. I am not allowed to operate as I unfortunately fall under the category of a fitness studio so I am classified as a gym. Even though I am a tiny little home studio and most of my day clients are one on one. I can not still operate. If I was running the same thing outside I would be able to instruct one on one and groups of up to 10 people. However as I am an inside studio I still can not open.

The reality is when I am able to actually reopen like some other states are they are opening and are not allowed to use any equipment. Just plain mat classes with no equipment sharing. So my equipment sessions may not be operating for sometime.

If NSW is the same as others states I may be having to run the online Zoom sessions for still quite some time. Things are changing all the time so hopefully it will be sooner rather then later.

I honestly really appreciate all your support. I know that mat classes are different to the Pilates equipment, however you still get the same benefits from the movements.

It at times feels very unfair that everything I have worked hard to achieve in the past 5 years has just been taken away. However this is the reality of this virus and small businesses are the ones that have suffered the most. I just have to try and make something work. I feel that the Zoom sessions are a great alternative and it fills my heart with so much gratitude that you have taken the time out of your busy day to join me with my Pilates.

If you would rather do private Zoom sessions please email me and I can arrange a time and day that suits you the best.

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