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Pre Natal Pilates


Is it safe to do Pilates When you are Pregnant?

Pilates is wonderful to do while you are pregnant.

Exercising is very important to do during pregnancy and Pilates is one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise during this time as it helps you to:


  • Maintain your general fitness and strength – you will need it for the labor and also looking after your baby - carrying your baby and lifting prams takes a lot strength.

  • Prevent stiffness, aches and pains, such as back and pelvic pain, keeping you more mobile

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor and deep core abdominal muscles which help in your recovery post pregnancy.

  • Improve your posture, which changes a lot throughout the pregnancy.

Are their limitations to exercise when you are pregnant?


It is very important that specific pregnancy exercises are conducted once becoming pregnant to avoid any problems.


From 13 weeks pregnant to birth of baby lots of mat-based exercises need to be avoided.


During pregnancy, every woman is different, and to be safe all my Pregnancy Pilates classes are held as private sessions to make sure it is specifically targeted to the pregnant mother's individual needs. 

What Pilates Equipment are used?

Pre Natal sessions are done using the Pilates Reformer, Pilates Wunda Chair, Pilates wall springs, and other small equipment.


Pre Natal Pilates

Is Pilates safe to do after having a baby?

Pilates is probably the single most targeted and effective form of exercise to perform post-pregnancy. The many benefits of a postnatal Pilates program include:


  • Strengthens your Pelvic Floor and abdominals

  • Helps with any back, pelvic, hip, neck, and shoulder pain

  • Increases the general strength you need to carry your baby around

  • Improves your posture - it corrects the increased arch of your lower back and rounded shoulders

  • Helps regain your pre-baby body shape, particularly the stomach

  • Being a mind-body form of exercise, Pilates also helps with relaxation and gives you some time to work specifically on yourself


When Can I start Pilates after having my baby?


Usually around the 6-week mark after your baby is born. It is always best to check with your Dr/Midwife when you can safely begin exercising again. Your Dr/Midwife will check you for any abdominal separation at your 6-week post pregnancy appointment. If there is a separation find out how many finger spaces as this will affect what type of exercises you can perform safely.

What can I expect to feel in my Pilates classes after giving birth?


After giving birth both your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles will be very weak - you shouldn’t expect to be able to instantly return to your previous level of strength for quite some time and after a lot of work - this will take at least several months.


In your Pilates sessions, you may need to initially stick to easier abdominal exercises that focus on the correct activation of your Pelvic Floor and deep abdominals (Transversus Abdominus), and slowly progress to performing harder abdominal exercises over a period of time.

How do I book?

All bookings and payments need to be done online on the following links:



1/2Hr- $30- 1/2 Hr PRIVATE Pilates Equipment EXPRESS Session

1HR- $60- 1 Hr Pilates Equipment session


5 PACK 1/2HR- $145 5 Pack 1/2hr Pilates Equipment Sessions (8wk Expiry)

10 PACK 1/2HR- $285 10 Pack 1/2hr Pilates Equipment Session (15wk Expiry)

5 PACK 1HR- $280 5 Pack 1hr Private Equipment Session (8wk Expiry)

10 PACK 1HR- $540 10 Pack 1hr Private Equipment Session (15wk Expiry)

Session passes are Non-Refundable